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  1. Boltzmann statistics does not work

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    I tried baltzmann statistics for QM or SC. Both did not work. Could you please fix it? Thank you


  2. Can i use it for graphene FET simulation to calculate potential distribution in one dimension?

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  3. Exactly same subband energies for 2 ladders

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    I am simulating DG MOSCAP with Metal gates. Doping-7e18
    Metal1 and 2 WF – 4.3eV Voltage – 0 to 4 V http://nanohub.org/answers/question/617

  4. How do you perform a simulation of a MOS capacitor ON SOI using the Schred tool?

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    How do you perform a simulation of a MOS capacitor ON SOI using the Schred tool? The manual says it’s possible but I find when I click “launch tool”, the only options for...


  5. How to find Vox = f(Vg)

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    I used this SHRED before to generate Vox=f(Vg)of a MOS, as Vg is swept from -V to +V, but am struggling to find the way of how to do it with this new interface.




  6. How to simulate DGMOS with schred 2.0 tool?

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  7. I am confused regarding the Material Parameter Inputs. The notation in the input deck is extremely confusing.

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    The input deck has mx_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley 3), my_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley 3), mz_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley 3), mhh_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley...


  8. Including bulk doping when simulating QM accumulation capacitance in Schred V1

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    Through examination of the source code I have figured out that I need to use the “accumula=yes” flag in the “calc” section of the input file to get Schred V1 to include...


  9. Input file syntax for Schred V2

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    I have downloaded and compiled the source code for versions 1 and 2 of Schred. However, I am having trouble finding information on the input file syntax for version 2. The...


  10. Parameters for GaAs

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    I just wondering the parameters or the refernce for calculation of GaAs in Schred. Including the orientation,...


  11. SCHRED Compilation

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    I would appreciate if somebody gives me instruction for SCHRED compilation in windows. I also have an ORACLE Virtualbox and I could compile it there, if I knew how. Thanks in advance. Lui


  12. Schred for non uniform doping?

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    Is there support for non uniform doping profile for Schred? I’m interested in using inverse modeling of CV to extract the doping profile. I have a situation of a very shallow N+ region...


  13. schred running ok?

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    The CV for very thin oxide (considering only G vs considering GLX) on GaAs seems to be exactly similar. Which...


  14. Schred v1: other materials

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    In Schred V1 there is an option for “other” materials. When this is selected I can input effective masses and band offsets.

    How is this different from Schred V2, which asks...


  15. Schred V2: Simulating n-type substrates and Vfb determination

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    Using the compiled Schred V2 code and supplied sample input files I am able to successfully model structures with a uniformly doped p-type Si substrate. I assume that to model an n-type...


  16. schred-1.0 does not account for doping/Temp effects on VFB in DG

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    I do not noticeable changes when using intrinsic 1E10cm-3 or heavily doped 1E18cm-3 in simulation of metal-DG structures. The same happens when changing temprerature

    I would excpect...


  17. simulating InAs in Schred V1 vs V2

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    In version 2, I tried the following parameters for InAs:

    L-valley energy offset: 0.73


  18. x5 larger Ctot than Cox in QM schred V2

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    Hello, I found that the QM with Fermi-statistics in Schred V2 gives five times larger Ctot than Cox when I have tox=0.73 nm and NA=7e18 (and other parameters as defaults except I changed...


  19. Can Schred treat the wave function penetration in to the oxide?

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    In case of ultra-scaled device, the impact of wave function penetrateion on the invertion charge and Vt is increasing (Ref M. Kauser, et.al., in IEEE TED 49, 693 (2002))....


  20. parameters for Ge

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    I just wondering the parameters for calculation of Ge in Schred such as: 

    1. the number of subbands of valley1 (Gamma valley), valley2 (X valley) and valley3...