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  1. session invocation is currently dissabled

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    I tried to launch the biosensorlab tool but it says session invocation is currently disabled. What does this mean?


  2. I want to know the equation of planar sensor’s sensitivity, what’s the relationship between Vg and Ids?

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  3. I want to know the unit of langmuir parameter of kf and kr, now I have my langmuir parameter as a unit of ml/CFU to absorb bacteria,but I need to know the unit of this software

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  4. Can I use biosensorlab to simulate graphene planar sensors to detect bacteria like E.Coli?

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  5. Why sensitivity doesn’t change when changing the doping level ?

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    We want to simulate a silicon nanowire FET biosensor, and especially having the sensitivity vs analyte concentration by varying the doping level, but no change is appearing....


  6. Is it possible to replace the channel of the FET structure by other materials (Let say SnO2)? What are the parameters I need to change then for this

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  7. Simulation for Si NW sensors with diameter higher than 10nm

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    I found very interesting the Si NW biosensor simulator. However, there is a large number of applications where the Si NWs biosensors have diameters between 50-100nm. Is it possible to modify the...