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  1. Why didn’t converge experimental data and calculated spectra?

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    Hello, I use UV-Vis spectra simulator. But the calculated spectra via simulator didn't converge any experimental results. Why?


  2. Does it simulate at 0 K or room temperature?

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  3. add some parameters

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    Dear developers, 

    How do I add some parameters, such as temperatures, basis functions, etc. I use Avogadro software for construct of molecules, and I found input file for Orca...


  4. Has it any time limit of this tool for during calculation?

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  5. biosensor simulation

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    Can I use this tool to simulate graphene sensor to bacteria like E.coli? That means when different concentration’s bacteria is bond to the graphene sensor surface, the simulator detect the...


  6. Cartesian coordinates of sodium heptagluconate

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    I have used the Babel programm in order to convert the *.mol file from the ISIS Draw to the XYZ format. When I copy/paste this coordinates the programm don’t recognise them. Can you help...


  7. How to upload

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    in what format I can upload molecules for studing their properties in the NUITNS toolkit? Thanks.


  8. Baudilio Tejerina

    Since November 2004, Baudilio Tejerina manages the computer facilities of the Theory Group in the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University. After receiving his PhD in Physical Chemistry...