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  1. an usful tool to a back characterization of Si Nanowire FET

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    hello everybody, I am a new user of this wonderful technologic plate form, i need some advices about the right tool to use for back gate characterization of Si Nanowire fet, may someone tel me...


  2. Nanotechnology how does it come together?

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    How does a nanostructure come together? What materials and what instruments are used in order to make this happen?


  3. current voltage characteristics of double heterostructure

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    From self consistent one dimensional solution of Schrödinger and Poisson equation, How to calculate the current voltage characteristics of double heterostructure FET?


  4. Fazlı Fatih Melemez


  5. How to see the occupation of electrons with strain

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    How do I witness the variation of occupancies of electrons in the 6 conduction band minima’s with the applied strain. Can anyone suggest me the good simulation tool for the same.


  6. MOSFET Worked out problems 1

    06 Dec 2010 | Contributor(s):: Saumitra Raj Mehrotra, Gerhard Klimeck

    Short channel effects in a MOSFET due to channel length scaling are highlighted in this worked out problem.

  7. Good review articles on III-V MOSFETs.

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    Hi.can you suggest me good review/articles illustrating the role of III-V MOSFETs in overcoming the short channel effects.


  8. how to plot Id-Vd

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    how do we plot the Id-Vd curve in the mosfet simulation model tool??


  9. Tamanaco Francisquez