By completing the Carrier-Statistics Lab in [[Resource(5065)]], you will be able to:

a) understand Fermi-Dirac and Maxwell-Boltzman statistics,

b) describe effects of doping (shifting of fermi level) and density of states on carrier distribution (electrons and holes).

c) study dependence of carrier concentration on temperature.

The specific objectives of the Carrier Statistics Lab are:

[[Image(cs_scheme.jpg, 500px)]]

== Recommended Reading ==

If you have not had experience with carrier statistics , here is a list of resources that will help you have the required knowledge to get the most of these materials:

1. Rober F. Pierret, Semiconductor Device Fundamentals (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 2000). (Chapter 2)

== Demo ==



== Theoretical descriptions ==

* [[Resource(5242)]]

* [[Resource(5244)]]

* [[Resource(5953)]]

* [[Resource(7197)]]

* [[Resource(7199)]]

* [[Resource(6000)]]

* [[Resource(6090)]]

* [[Resource(5785)]] (Graduate level)

* [[Resource(5803)]] (Graduate level)

* [[Resource(5805)]] (Graduate level)

* [[Resource(9381)]] (Advanced)

== Tool Verification ==


== Worked Examples ==

* [[Resource(9521)]]

* [[Resource(9536)]]

== Exercises and Homework Assignments ==

1. [[Resource(3878)]]

2. [[Resource(9370)]]

3. [[Resource(9359)]]

4. [[Resource(9357)]]

== Solutions to Exercises ==

Solutions to exercises are provided to Instructors ONLY!

== Take a Test ==

* [[Resource(9495)]]

== Solve the Challenge ==

In this final challenge you will integrate all what you have learned about Carrier Statistics.

* [[Resource(9498)]]