MOSCap Learning Materials

by Saumitra Raj Mehrotra, Dragica Vasileska, Gerhard Klimeck, Alejandra J. Magana


By completing the MOSCap Lab in ABACUS - Assembly of Basic Applications for Coordinated Understanding of Semiconductors, you will be able to:

a) understand operation of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor using energy band diagrams.

b) study the effect of interface traps, work function, oxide thickness etc on Capacitance-Voltage output.

c) understand MOS-C C-V characteristics in low and high frequency limits.

The specific objectives of the MOSCap Lab are:


Recommended Reading

If you have not had experience with the MOS-C operation , here is a list of resources that will help you have the required knowledge to get the most of these issues resolved:

1. Rober F. Pierret, Semiconductor Device Fundamentals (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 2000). (Chapters 16)


* MOSCap: First-Time User Guide

* MOSCap Demonstration: MOS Capacitor Simulation

Theoretical descriptions

* Tutorial_PADRE_Simulation_Tools.pdf (tutorial)

* Illinois ECE 440 Solid State Electronic Devices, Lecture 31: MOS Capacitor

* Illinois ECE 440 Solid State Electronic Devices, Lecture 32: MOS Threshold Voltage

* Illinois ECE 440 Solid State Electronic Devices, Lecture 33: MOS Capacitance

* ECE 606 Lecture 32: MOS Electrostatics I

* ECE 606 Lecture 33: MOS Electrostatics II

* ECE 606 Lecture 34: MOSCAP Frequency Response

* MOS Capacitors: Theory and Modeling

Tool Verification

* Verification of the Validity of the MOSCap Tool

Worked Examples

* MOSCAP Worked out problems (Basic)

Exercises and Homework Assignments

1. Exercise for MOS Capacitors: CV curves and interface and Oxide Charges

2. Exercise: CV curves for MOS capacitors

Solutions to Exercises

Solutions to exercises will be provided to Instructors ONLY!

Take a Test

* ABACUS: Test for MOSCAP Tool

Solve the Challenge

* MOSCAP CV profiling

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