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NCN Student Research Symposium 2009

by Amritanshu Palaria, Fengyuan Li, raseong kim, Ahmad Ehteshamul Islam, Nicholas Vargo, Himadri Pal

NCN@Purdue holds an NCN Student Research Symposium (NSRS) in Spring/ Summer each year. The purpose is to bring together students from the various research groups working on nanoscience and computational disciplines and provide a forum for sharing of ideas and knowledge. Only a year old, the event was a success in 2008 with very exciting and high quality research presentations from students across Purdue.

This year NSRS shall be held in conjunction with the NCN all hands review in Summer. This year the event shall be open to student presenters not only from Purdue but also from other campuses affiliated with the NCN. This page shall soon be updated with the call for papers and posters and other information about this event.

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