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1 NCN@Purdue SLC is organizing a trip to [ Argonne National Lab] in Chicago this Spring. The trip shall tentatively take place on Monday, May 11, 2009. The trip is free for NCN affiliated students at Purdue. All transportation and lunch expenses shall be paid by the NCN. We will board the bus on Purdue campus in the morning and return before night the same day. Argonne shall provide us a tour of their facilities. This trip includes a tour of the following facilities:[[br]]
2 [ Center for Nanoscale Materials][[br]]
3 [ Advanced Photon Source][[br]]
4 [ Argonne Leadership Computing Facility][[br]]
5 For information on the various research divisions of Argonne please check:[ Argonne divisions].
7 If you will visit with us, it is important that you '''accept the invitation by participating in the following poll''':[[br]]
8 {{{