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1 [[Image(supported-badge.png, 110, class=align-left)]]
2 === NCN@Berkeley Tool Support ===
4 We have identified a list of tools for which we commit the following level of service:
5 -
* monitor support tickets, questions, and wishlists and provide a response within 24 hours.
* monitor support tickets, questions, and wishlists and provide a response within one business day.
6 * fix simple bugs within a week.
7 * move long term projects and tool improvement requests to a public wish list.
8 The overall support structure and philosophy of the NCN and nanoHUB is [/topics/NCNSupportedTools described in a different page].
10 === NCN@Berkeley Supported Educational Tools===
11 * [/tools/ucb_compnano Berkeley Computational Nanoscience Class Tools] Tools for UC Berkeley Computational Nanoscience course
12 * [/tools/nanoheatflow NanoHeatFlow] Tool for exploring the mechanical energy transfer between carbon nanotubes
13 +
* [/tools/qwalk QWalk: Quantum Monte Carlo] Tool for learning the basics of quantum Monte Carlo calculations, with a number of small molecule examples
15 === NCN@Berkeley Supported Research Tools===
16 * [/tools/strainbands StrainBands] - Explore the influence of strain on first-principles bandstructures of semiconductors.
17 * [/tools/heterojunction Carbon Nanotube Heterojunction Modeler] - Generate atomic coordinates of joined carbon nanotubes of arbitrary chirality, and compute their electronic and transport properties with a standard nearest-neighbor tight-binding Green's function-based approach.
18 -
* [/tools/bowtie Nano-Plasmonic Bowtie Antenna Simulator] - BowTie.
* [/tools/bowtie Nano-Plasmonic Bowtie Antenna Simulator] - Examine electromagnetic enhancement profiles for nanoscale bowtie antennae using a finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) package, MEEP.
19 -
* Siesta - Tool.
* [/tools/siesta Siesta] - Flexible tool for computing the electronic structure of solids, molecules, and surfaces.
21 === Links to: Tools, Questions and Answers, and Wishlists ===
22 User due post questions or send support tickets where they essentially ask for new features in tools or suggest improvements. With the limited resources we have available we want to manage these tool suggestions publicly. Eventually we believe that each tool will have its own "Wishlist". For now we summarize the tool improvment wishes here.
24 -
||'''Tool'''||'''Questions'''||'''Desired feature'''||
25 -
||[/tools/ucb_compnano Berkeley Computational Nanoscience Class Tools]||[/resources/3842/questions Questions]|| no wishes ||
||[/tools/ucb_compnano Berkeley Computational Nanoscience Class Tools]||[/resources/3842/questions Questions]||[/resources/3842/wishlist Wishes]||
26 -
||[/tools/strainbands StrainBands]||[/resources/2815/questions Questions]|| no wishes ||
||[/tools/nanoheatflow NanoHeatFlow]||[/resources/nanoheatflow/questions Questions]||[/resources/nanoheatflow/wishlist Wishes]||
27 +
||[/tools/qwalk QWalk: Quantum Monte Calro]||[/resources/qwalk/questions Questions]||[/resources/qwalk/wishlist Wishes]||
28 +
||[/tools/strainbands StrainBands]||[/resources/2815/questions Questions]||[/resources/2815/wishlist Wishes]||
29 +
||[/tools/heterojunction Carbon Nanotube Heterojunction Modeler]||[/resources/heterojunction/questions Questions]||[/resources/heterojunction/wishlist Wishes]||
30 +
||[/tools/bowtie Nano-Plasmonic Bowtie Antenna Simulator]||[/resources/bowtie/questions Questions]||[/resources/bowtie/wishlist Wishlist]||
31 +
||[/tools/siesta Siesta]||[/resources/siesta/questions Questions]||[/resources/siesta/wishlist Wishlist]||