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2 === NCN@Illinois Tool Support ===
4 We have identified a list of tools for which we commit the following level of service:
5 * monitor support tickets, questions, and wishlists and provide a response within 24 hours.
6 * fix simple bugs within a week.
7 * move long term projects and tool improvement requests to a public wish list.
8 The overall support structure and philosophy of the NCN and nanoHUB is [/topics/NCNSupportedTools described in a different page].
10 === NCN@Illinois Supported Educational Tools===
11 * [/tools/dopingsilicon Effect of Doping on Semiconductors] Java applet for class room and use and homework assignments
13 === NCN@Illinois Supported Research Tools===
14 * [/tools/BMCsuite BioMOCA Suite] - Simulates ion flow through a channel.
15 +
* [/tools/cntbte Boltzmann Transport Simulator for CNTs ] - Simulates Electron transport in Single-walled carbon nanotubes.
17 === Links to: Tools, Questions and Answers, and Wishlists ===
18 User due post questions or send support tickets where they essentially ask for new features in tools or suggest improvements. With the limited resources we have available we want to manage these tool suggestions publicly. Eventually we believe that each tool will have its own "Wishlist". For now we summarize the tool improvment wishes here.
20 ||'''Tool'''||'''Questions'''||'''Desired feature'''||
21 ||[/tools/dopingsilicon Effect of Doping on Semiconductors]||[/resources/5422/questions Questions]|| no wishes ||
22 ||[/tools/BMCsuite BioMOCA Suite]||[/resources/3981/questions Questions]|| no wishes ||