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2 === NCN@Northwestern Tool Support ===
4 We have identified a list of tools for which we commit the following level of service:
5 * monitor support tickets, questions, and wishlists and provide a response within 24 hours.
6 * fix simple bugs within a week.
7 * move long term projects and tool improvement requests to a public wish list.
8 The overall support structure and philosophy of the NCN and nanoHUB is [/topics/NCNSupportedTools described in a different page].
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11 === NCN@Northwestern Supported Educational Tools===
12 * [/tools/nuitns NUITNS] is our "Northwestern Initiative for Teaching !NanoScience" consistent of 4 different tools. All the tools in NUITNS are fully supported:
13 * [/tools/tedvis Theoretical Electron Density Visualizer] - TEDVis calculates and displays 3D maps of molecular ED and its derivatives from the wave function
14 * [/tools/molst Molecular Structure Tracer] - High-quality display of molecular structures
15 * [/tools/uvspec UV/Vis Spectrum simulator] - Molecular electronic spectra
16 * [/tools/cndo CNDO/INDO] - Semi-empirical Molecular Orbital calculations
18 * [/tools/nsoptics NanoSphere Optics Lab] - Optical properties of nanospheres suspended in water, air, or other solutions
20 * [/tools/nsoptics3D Nanosphere Optics Lab Field Simulator] - Study of the Electric field induced by Light-Nanoparticle interaction.
22 * [/tools/qclab Quantum Chemistry Lab]
24 === NCN@Northwestern Supported Research Tools===
25 * [/tools/pnppeptide PNP Cyclic Peptide Ion Channel Model] - Simulate ion flow in a system modeled after cyclic peptide ion channels using Poisson-Nernst-Planck (PNP) theory.
26 * Coarse-Grain Lipid Simulator.
27 * Active Media FDTD !NanoPhotonic Device Simulator.