By completing the [[Resource(bsclab)]], users will be able to: a) understand the concept of bound states, b) the meaning of the eigenvalues and the eigenvectors, and c) the form of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors for rectangular, parabolic and triangular confinement.

The specific objectives of the Bound States Calculation Lab are:

[[Image(models.jpg, 400px)]]

== Recommended Reading ==

Users who are new to the concept of bound states and solution of the Schrodinger equation for bound states should consult the following resource:

1. D. K. Ferry, Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction for Device Physicists and Electrical Engineers, Taylor & Francis.

== Theoretical descriptions ==

* [[Resource(4876)]] (tutorial)

* [[Resource(9206)]] (source code

== Exercises and Homework Assignments ==

1. [[Resource(4884)]]

2. [[Resource(9191)]]

3. [[Resource(9364)]]

== Solutions to Exercises ==

Solutions are provided only to instructors!

== Evaluation ==

This test will assess the users conceptual understanding of the physical,
mathematical and computational knowledge related to quantum bound states in different confining potentials that occur in real device structures.


== Challenge ==

Users are challenged to integrate what they have learned about Quantum Bound States.