By completing the [[Resource(rtdnegf)]], users will be able to: a) understand the principle of operation of resonant tunneling diode, b) the meaning of the quasibound states, resonant and non-resonant tunneling and c) the concept of quantum interference which is the basis for the formation of quasi-bound states and the operation of a Resonant Tunneling Diode.

The specific objectives of the Resonant Tunneling Diode Module are:

[[Image(models.jpg, 400px)]]

== Recommended Reading ==

Users who are new to the principles of operation of a resonant tunneling diode should consult the following resources:

1. .

== First Time User Guide ==


== Theoretical descriptions ==

* [[Resource(8799)]]

* [[Resource(6812)]]

* [[Resource(178)]]

* [[Resource(3833)]]

== Exercises and Homework Assignments ==

1. [[Resource()]]
2. [[Resource()]]

== Solutions to Exercises ==

Solutions are provided only to instructors!

== Evaluation ==

This test will assess the users conceptual understanding of the physical,
mathematical and computational knowledge related to operation of Resonant Tunneling Diodes.


== Challenge ==

Users are challenged to integrate what they have learned about operation of Resonant Tunneling Diodes.