Electronics from the Bottom Up: Summer School 2012

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1 ===Date and Location===
2 July 16-20, 2012[[br]]
3 Burton Morgan Building, Room 121[[br]]
4 Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA[[br]]
5 Co-sponsored by the Network for Computational Nanotechnology and by the Intel Foundation
7 Registration/coffee: 7:30 am
8 Lectures will be conducted in room 121 of the Burton Morgan Building
16 === Summer School Details ===
18 NCN’s Electronics from the Bottom Up (EBU) is an innovative educational initiative cosponsored by Intel, NCN, and Purdue University – to introduce students to new ways of thinking about electronic devices. New concepts and approaches, emerging from current research on nanoscience, are applied to non-equilibrium problems like nanoscale transistors, energy conversion devices, and bio-sensors. Lectures are designed to be broadly accessible to students with a BS in engineering, physics, and chemistry. The goal is to provide students with a deeper understanding of how structures at the atomistic and nanoscale affect performance at the micro and macroscopic scales. EBU shows students how a broad understanding of fundamental concepts helps them understand cutting edge research in nanoscience and technology.
20 This program is suitable for graduate students, faculty, and industry professionals working on electronic materials and devices. The Summer School will be an intensive and collaborative experience. Attendance is limited to fifty participants.
22 The 2012 Summer School will feature lectures by Dr. Michael !McLennan on "Rapid Application Deployment" and Professors Mark Lundstrom, Supriyo Datta and Gerhard Klimeck on the topic of "Semiconductor Physics”. Drs. Fonseca, Kubis, Povolotskyi, and Sellier will present a lecture and several tutorials on "Device Modeling with NEMO5."
24 The format will consist of:[[br]]
25 See full [[/topics/SummerSchoolSchedule Summer School Schedule]]
27 * Four lectures: Rapid Application Deployment, by Michael !McLennan
28 * Nine lectures: Semiconductor Physics, by Supriyo Datta, Gerhard Klimeck and Mark Lundstrom
29 * One lecture and six tutorials: Device Modeling with NEMO5 by the NEMO5 Team (Michael Povolotskyi, Jim Fonseca, Tillmann Kubis, and Jean-Michel Sellier)
31 Participants who complete the series of lectures and exercises will be awarded a certificate of completion.
71 [[/topics/ElectronicsFromTheBottomUp Electronics from the Bottom Up]][[br]]
73 Brochure (feel free to post or distribute): [[File(efbu2012_final.pdf)]]
75 ''“Electronics from the Bottom Up” is an educational initiative designed to bring a new perspective to the field of nano device engineering. It is co-sponsored by the Intel Foundation and the Network for Computational Nanotechnology.'']