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Tanya Faltens' Topics Page

by Tanya Faltens

This page will collect resources that can be easily shared with others. For example, links to good places to get started.

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NCLT Seminar Series

NCLT seminar series

Tool Powered Curricula: These are courses that incorporate simulation tools. Tutorials and assignments are included.

Here are links to the tools. (separate from the topics pages)

NCN Nanomaterials

NCN Nanomaterials:Courses /resources/6805

NCN Nanomaterials: Tutorials

NCN Nanomaterials: Research Seminars

NCN Nanomaterials: Simulation Tools for Education:

NCN Nanomaterials: Simulation Tools for Research:

NCN Nanophotonics: Tutorials

NCN Nanophotonics: Simulation Tools for Education and Research

NCN Nano-Devices for Medicine and Biology: Tutorials

Here are some communities that people can join to find others with common interests:

Middle School Educators Group:

High School Educators Group:

Summer Research and Internships

This is a place to share information about your summer research programs and internships.

Informal Nano Science Education

Nano Science Outreach

Circuit Simulations and Compact Models

Environmental, Health and Safety Aspects of Nanotechnology

Introductory Material

Thinking Small


Schred Learning Materials


Teaching approaches for including nanotechnology and other current topics in the undergraduate curriculum: Context, inquiry and authentic science practice

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