nanoHUB: Research use for NCN internal Research and Development

by Gerhard Klimeck, Gregory James Perigo

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1 == Example - OMEN-FET ==
3 A newly developed nanoHUB tool that modelselectron transport in high mobility !InAs/!InGaAs based transistors. The particularly important modeling capability is the mapping of the non-parabolic bandstructure to a simplified model and the ability to compute the gate tunneling. The visualization of the current flow drove a nanoHUB development that now enables an intuitive representation of gate tunneling. The new OMENfet code has now been released and is now available
4 openly on the nanoHUB. The scientific results generated in this experimental and theoretical collaboration has been published in a co-authored IEDM proceedings article involving the experimental MIT group of Jesus del Alamo and the theory group of Klimeck at Purdue. The funding for the science was obtained through leveraged grants of the FCRP / MSD center where del Alamo and Klimeck participate.
6 this image should be called OMEN-FET not cntbundle
7 -
[[Image(cntbundle.gif, 360, class=align-left)]]
[[Image(omenfet.gif, 360, class=align-left)]]
9 == Example - Bandstructure Lab ==
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13 == Example - nanoMOS ==
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