Usage: Overview

As part of nanoHUB’s continued effort to provide valuable statistics, parts of the usage overview page may be temporarily unavailable as we implement improvements.

During this transition, historical usage data and site metrics will remain available. Site data continues to be logged and processed to maintain continuity with existing usage statistics.

Table 1: Simulation Usage
Simulation Users 5 15,557 users
Simulation Jobs 990,359 jobs
Total CPU Time 11,954 days  
Total Wall Time 38,795 days  
Total Interaction Time 8,873 days  
Users with > 10 mins of CPU Time 5,649 users  
Avg. Number of Simulation Jobs/User 64 jobs  
Avg. Time between First and Last Simulation 269 days  
Repeat Users with > 10 Simulation Jobs 8,468 users  
Repeat Users with > 3 Months 9 4,176 users  
Table 2: Miscellaneous Statistics
Domains Served 5,530
Visitors 11 269,388
Visits 12 655,688
New Accounts 11,250
Max User Logins 565 users on 2016-03-02
Web Server Hits 135,019,825
Table 3: Collaboration Usage
Shared Tool Sessions 13 165
New tools under development 47

Some references may be missing depending on the data available.

  1. Number of Registered Users2 that ran one or more simulation runs.
  2. Number of Simulation users that returned after a gap of 3 months.
  3. Identified by a unique IP address / hostname.
  4. Based on MIT OCW metric of Visits: A visit is activity by a unique visitor delimitated by a 30 minute absence from the site on either side of the activity.
    These visits correspond to unique visitors 11. Does not include known web bots/crawlers
  5. Number of Simulation sessions that were shared between 2 or more users.