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  1. How Do I Enable MATLAB In My Workspace?

    MATLAB licenses are available by request only, and are approved on a case-by-case basis for developers of MATLAB nanoHUB tools.  See “MATLAB Use On nanoHUB” for more information...


  2. What are courses?

    The nanoHUB-U InitiativeTranscending disciplines with short courses accessible to students in any branch of science or engineering. Cutting-edge topics distilled into short lectures with quizzes,...


  3. Frequently Asked Questions about Courses on nanoHUB

    What is the difference between free courses and courses I pay for?I paid for an instructor-led course. How do I get in?I am not sure which courses I am enrolled in. How can I check this?Why are...


  4. Can I contribute a tool on nanoHUB that has binary code only?

    Generally, we don’t recommend submitting binary code as a tool on nanoHUB. Code can be sensitive to changes in libraries or other changes in our operating system and compiled binaries do not allow...


  5. What are groups?

    Work together with your colleagues on nanoHUBCreate a group to organize your interactions. Group members can:Post content that only other group members are allowed to see Brand their with their...


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  1. Magnon-Mediated Interlayer Coupling and Spin-Transfer Torques

    09 Jul 2018 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s):: Ran Cheng

    In this talk we propose a magnonic analog of spin‐valve composed of insulating ferromagnet/antiferromagnet/ferromagnet trilayer. We find that magnons inside the antiferromagnetic spacer can mediate an effective exchange coupling between the two ferromagnets similar to the RKKY interaction.

  2. Designing Functional Polymers for Water Purification and Flexible Electronic Applications

    09 Jul 2018 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s):: Bryan W. Boudouris

  3. nanoHUB in a Nutshell: Delivering New Paradigms in Education and Research

    09 Jul 2018 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s):: Gerhard Klimeck

    Gordon Moore’s 1965 prediction of continued semiconductor device down-scaling and circuit up-scaling has become a self-fulfilling prophesy in the past 50 years. Open source code development and sharing of the process modeling software SUPREM and the circuit modeling software SPICE were two...

  4. Massively Parallel Sensing of Molecules with Mid-infrared Frequency Combs

    03 Jul 2018 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s):: Konstantin L. Vodopyanov

    Mid-infrared spectroscopy offers supreme sensitivity for detection of trace gases, solids and liquids, based on specific for this spectral region telltale vibrational bands. I will present a new platform for mid-infrared spectroscopy, based on a pair of mutually coherent and broadband frequency...

  5. p-bits for Probabilistic Spin Logic (PSL): A Brief Introduction

    02 Jul 2018 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s):: Supriyo Datta

    In this talk we present a brief introduction of  our recent work where we have introduced a concept that is intermediate between bits and q-bits, namely a probabilistic bit or p-bit that fluctuates randomly between 0 and 1. ...

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  1. Poster Powerpoint Drafts 9/20/2018

    Please upload your poster powerpoint draft by 1pm Friday.We will review your drafts. I may print them out to distribute and work on; if you have a laptop with you that may also be helpful. Friday...


  2. 3 Minute Presentation Slides

    Upload your powerpoint or pdf slide here. Powerpoint works better on the screen than pdf. Name your slides: Groupn_m_Lastname.ppt For example: Group8_1_faltens.pptn = the number of the group I...


  3. A Mini Guide on twenty two Inch Chrome Rims

    Every single experienced car owner will tell you, the best way to transform the appearance of your car and make it more appealing is to mount inch chrome rims...


  4. User Guides- Draft I

    Upload your Draft User Guide Here 3pm Students Ameer AbuhamadehSulaiman Abdul-HadiKeafe Chen Qifeng_Chen_UserGuide.pdf (461 KB, uploaded by Qifeng Chen 31 minutes ago)Nicholas Finan...


  5. SQuID Log Table

    Since the Instant On cache responds with SQuIDs in both hit and miss cases, we would like to start storing the SQuiDs associated with the session number (and perhaps other denormalized info) that...


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  1. Multi-walled/Single-walled Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT/SWCNT) Interconnect Lumped Compact Model Considering Defects, Contact resistance and Doping impact 11 Jul 2018 | Compact Models | Contributor(s): Rongmei Chen, Jie LIANG, Jaehyun Lee, Vihar Georgiev, Aida Todri

    In this project, we present SWCNT and MWCNT interconnect compact models. These models consider the impact of CNT defects, the chirality and contact resistance between CNT-electrode (Pd) on CNT...


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