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  1. Troubleshoot

    There are some common reasons why you may not be able to view an application.The tool is internally misconfigured in nanoHUB. If you can look at your my nanoHUB page and see that the tool you just...


  2. Signed Applet

    If you are behind a network firewall that requires you to use a web proxy with your browser, your Java environment will also need to use a proxy to connect to tool sessions on the nanoHUB. The...


  3. How to use WebDAV to access your nanoHUB storage

    NOTE: The nanoHUB WebDAV URL changed on 27-Nov-2012 to http://webdav.nanohub.org/webdav. You may have to update your client preferences to match this. WebDAV is the Distributed Authoring and...


  4. What do I do if MOSFET fails to converge?

    -Check that you define reasonable doping densities, temperatures, applied biases, etc.-Use smaller grid spacing in regions where electric field, etc. is expected to vary more.


  5. How can I tell if MOSFET failed to converge?

    If MOSFET fails to converge, there will be a 'failed to converge' notice at the end section of the Output Log. Also, the Id-Vg and Id-Vd plots will not show up.


  6. Renaming Sessions

    You can rename a simulation session by simple double-clicking the session title just above the active tool area. The title will then become a text box where you can input any title you wish. Press...


  7. Rate a Resource

    Rating a resource is quick and easy.Every resource has two sets of stars: the average rating and your rating. If you haven't rated a resource, you're rating will show up as a set of...


  8. Share a simulation session

    Have some interesting results from a simulation that you'd like someone else to see? Share the session!Enter one or more login names in the form beneath the tool session and click on the Share...


  9. Customize your "my nanoHUB" page

    To change your "my nanoHUB" page, simply click the Personalize button located in the upper-right corner of that page. The page will enter a customization mode where you may move modules...


  10. Why does my simulation take so long to run?

    One possible cause is that you have requested a high number of mesh points. The number of mesh points relate directly to the memory required to execute a simulation. Requesting more memory than is...


  11. How do I allow for an increased problem size?

    PADRE allows you to increase the main array allocation by using the OPTION SIZE.BUF=N statement. N represents the array dimension and is set to 3.25 million by default. The dimension can be...


  12. Why is Hispanic / Latino not a racial background choice?

    According to U.S. government and NSF guidelines, ethnic heritage and racial background are to be separate, distinct questions and responses. "Ethnic Heritage" defines membership in cultural groups...


  13. How do I control drain-induced barrier lowering?

    The Drain Induced Barrier Lowering (DIBL) is an electrostatic effect where the threshold voltage descreases with increasing drain bias. You can simulate the DIBL effect by adjusting the Drain...


  14. Safari browser crashes

    When using Safari 1.2.1, CNTbands may not work properly or, in some instances, cause the browser to crash.We highly recommend that users upgrade to Safari 1.3.1, available for free at Apple's site.


  15. Help! I'm getting a Java error!

    Users may experience a Java error on Mac OS X if they are using Java version 1.3 and below. Please ensure your Java install is up to date.NOTE! For gecko browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Camino), the...


  16. How do I change my username?

    Sorry, but login names cannot be changed. If this is poses a serious problem for you, please contact our support team.


  17. How do I change my password?

    We have multiple methods available to help you change your password. If you can't remember your password, go to the forgot password page to reset it. If you're already logged in, and simply...


  18. What other features are available in the results screen?

    You can query the plot with mouse and get the result in the baloon help.You can zoom into the plot by drawing a rectangle on the plot.You can click on the button to reset view to default zoom...


  19. How do I terminate my session?

    Click on the close button next to he Spice3f4 under my session on the right menu (screenshot).


  20. How do I save the output plots as images?

    This feature is currently not supported. Use screen capture ( ALT+ PrtScn on PC ) to copy image to clipboard.