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  1. Measuring the Impact of Service-Learning Projects in Engineering: High School Students' Perspectives

    10 May 2017 | Papers | Contributor(s): Tamecia Raishaun Jones, Jean M Trusedell, William "Bill" C. Oakes, Monica Elaine Cardella

    We have seen the benefits of service learning and its impact on perceptions and knowledge of engineering and recognize it as a successful mechanism for introducing often highly abstracted concepts...


  2. A profile of a Nano EPICS High School - Agawam High School

    10 May 2017 | Papers | Contributor(s): Tamecia Raishaun Jones

    This is a short profile of an EPICS High School that has found a way to integrate nano into its curriculum.  The profile describes how the teacher used her specialized background in marine...


  3. Use of RBT unreleased NEM resonator models for device (topological) optimization

    26 Apr 2017 | Papers | Contributor(s): Bichoy W. Bahr

    The use of Phononic Crystals (PnC) in suspended structures and microstructures, such as plates and slabs, has gained a lot of attention in the past years for the wide range of feasible...