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  1. What are courses?

    The nanoHUB-U InitiativeTranscending disciplines with short courses accessible to students in any branch of science or engineering. Cutting-edge topics distilled into short lectures with quizzes,...


  2. Frequently Asked Questions about Courses on nanoHUB

    What is the difference between free courses and courses I pay for? I paid for an instructor-led course. How do I get in? I am not sure which courses I am enrolled in. How can I check this? Why...


  3. Can I contribute a tool on nanoHUB that has binary code only?

    Generally, we don’t recommend submitting binary code as a tool on nanoHUB. Code can be sensitive to changes in libraries or other changes in our operating system and compiled binaries do not allow...


  4. Why do I need Java?

    In order to access nanoHUB simulation tools, you must have Java version 1.4 or later installed on your machine and enabled in your web browser. Note that Java is not the same as Javascript. Visit...


  5. What are groups?

    Work together with your colleagues on nanoHUBCreate a group to organize your interactions. Group members can:Post content that only other group members are allowed to see Brand their with their...


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  1. E304 L9.1.3: Brownian Motion

    17 May 2016 | Online Presentations


  2. sugarcube-cad

    18 Feb 2016 | Tools | Contributor(s): Jason Clark, Quincy Clark

    CAD for MEMS via systems of compact models. This commercial tool is published by Sugarcube Systems, which requires a registration fee to use. The nanoHUB does not receive revenue or assume...


  3. ECE 695Q Leture 01: Introduction

    12 May 2016 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Minghao Qi


  4. ECE 695Q Leture 02: Overview of Lithography

    12 May 2016 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Minghao Qi


  5. E304 L5.2.1: Nanomechanics - Quantum Mechanics of Oscillation

    12 May 2016 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Elena Nicolescu Veety


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