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By completing the BJT Lab in [[Resource(5065)]], users will be able to understand a) BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor) operation (npn and pnp type) in Common Emitter and Common Base modes, and b) the concept of early voltage, base width modulation and Gummel Plot. Users will also learn how to design and study their own BJT structures.

The specific objectives of the BJT Lab are:

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== Recommended Reading ==

Users who are new to the operation of BJT should consult the following resources:

Rober F. Pierret. (1996). ''Semiconductor Device Fundamentals''. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. (See especially chapters 10-11)

== Demo ==


== Theoretical Descriptions ==

* [[Resource(7224)]] (tutorial)

* [[Resource(8621)]]

* [[Resource(8624)]]

* [[Resource(8627)]]

* [[Resource(8582)]]

* [[Resource(5832)]] (Graduate level)

* [[Resource(5834)]] (Graduate level)

* [[Resource(5836)]] (Graduate level)

* [[Resource(5083)]]

== Tool Verification ==

* [[Resource(9579)]]

== Examples ==

1. [[Resource(10732)]]

2. [[Resource(10748)]]

== Exercises and Homework Assignments ==

1. [[Resource(5051)]]

2. [[Resource(5199)]]

3. [[Resource(4185)]]

== Solutions to Exercises ==

Solutions are provided only to instructors!

== Evaluation ==


== Challenge ==