Bulk Monte Carlo Learning Materials

by Dragica Vasileska, Gerhard Klimeck

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By completing the Bulk Monte Carlo Lab exercises and tests, users will be able to: a) understand the way the Boltzmann Transport Equation (BTE) is solved using the Monte Carlo method, b) the concept of drift velocity and average carrier energy, c) the reason why drift velocity saturates in, for example Si, and d) why do we observe the Gunn effect in, for example, GaAs material system.

The specific objectives of the Bulk Monte Carlo Lab are:


Recommended Reading

Users who are new to the concept of solution of the BTE with the Monte Carlo Method should consult the following resources:

1. Mark Lundstrom, Fundamentals of Carrier Transport, Cambridge University Press.

2. David K. Ferry, Semiconductor Transport, Taylor & Francis.

3. D. Vasileska, S. M. Goodnick and G. Klimeck, Computational Electronics: Semiclassical and Quantum Transport Modeling, Morgan & Claypool, June 2010.

Theoretical descriptions







Exercises and Homework Assignments






Solutions to Exercises

Solutions are provided only to instructors!


This test will assess the users conceptual understanding of the physical, mathematical and computational knowledge related to understanding the solution of the BTE using the Monte Carlo method.


Users are challenged to integrate what they have learned about modeling semiconductor materials with Bulk Monte Carlo Lab.

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