Electronics from the Bottom Up: A New Approach to Nanoelectronic Devices and Materials

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1 === Vision ===
3 The [http://www.ncn.purdue.edu Network for Computational Nanotechnology] seeks to bring a new perspective to engineering education in materials, devices, circuits, and systems. We are inspired by the Semiconductor Electronics Education Committee (SEEC), a group of [http://www.eecs.mit.edu/great-educators/adler.html 30 leaders] in the field from both industry and ACADEMIA who recognized in the early 1960s that the age of vacuum tubes was ending, and that engineers would have to be educated differently if they were to realize the opportunities that the new field of microelectronics presented. SEEC eventually produced [http://www.mit.edu:8001/people/klund/books/seec.html seven undergraduate textbooks and four films], and reshaped the [http://www-mtl.mit.edu/~penfield/pubs/eb-03.html teaching of electronics]. We are now at the dawn of what could be a new era in technology, but to exploit the opportunities that
4 nanoscience is giving us, engineers will need to learn how to think about materials, devices, circuits, and systems in a new way to complement traditional understanding with a new perspective emerging from research on nanoscience and technology. "Electronics from the Bottom-up" is a series of online modules and supporting materials including course notes, homework assignments, and online simulation exercises. It is designed to be a resource for educators and self-learners AND A MODEL for a new way OF teaching electronic devices. The SEEC had great impact on engineering education and on the development of microelectronics; we hope to inspire students and prepare them to contribute the development of nanoelectronic technology for the 21st Century.
6 This project, launched in fall, 2006, will produce a series of four modules over the next four years. The modules and their supporting materials will be disseminated on the nanoHUB and on the Intel higher education web page. This page provides some background information on the initiative and a few preliminary contributions to it.
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This project is supported by the '''''Intel Foundation''''' and the '''''NSF-funded Network for Computational Nanotechnology'''''
10 === The Concept ===
12 * Presentation: An Introduction to Electronics from the Bottom Up, Mark Lundstrum, Supriyo Datta, Ashraf Alam[[BR]][/site/resources/2007/07/02979/2007.07.06-lundstrom-intel.mp4 Online Video] - [/index2.php?option=com_resources&id=2968&resid=2969&task=minimal&no_html=1 Voiced Powerpoint]
13 * Companion Presentation: Bottom-up view of conductance, Supriyo Datta[[BR]][/site/resources/2007/07/02978/2007.07.06-datta-intel-ncn.mp4 Online Video] - [/index2.php?option=com_resources&id=2971&resid=2972&task=minimal&no_html=1 Voiced Powerpoint]
14 * Companion Presentation: Top-down/Bottom-up Views of Length, Ashraf Alam[[BR]][/site/resources/2007/07/02977/2007.07.06-alam-intel-ncn.mp4 Online Video] - [/index2.php?option=com_resources&id=2974&resid=2975&task=minimal&no_html=1 Voiced Powerpoint]
15 * [/site/resources/2007/07/02967/electronics%20from%20bottom%20up_concept.pdf Whitepaper]
17 === Concepts of Quantum Transport by Supriyo Datta ===
19 * [/courses/cqt Five part lecture series]
21 === The Nano-MOSFET: A brief introduction by Mark Lundstrom ===
23 * [/index2.php?option=com_resources&id=2980&resid=2981&task=minimal&no_html=1 Voiced Powerpoint] - [/resources/2980 More Info]
25 === Related Resources on the nanoHUB ===
27 ==== Online Courses ====
29 * [[Resource(626)]], Supryo Datta
30 * [[Resource(1490)]], Supryo Datta
31 * [[Resource(1705)]], Mark Lundstrom
32 * [[Resource(100)]]
34 ==== Online Tutorials ====
36 * [[Resource(193)]], Ashraf Alam
37 * [[Resource(1214)]], Ashraf Alam
38 * [[Resource(2048)]], Ashraf Alam, Pradeep Nair
39 * [[Resource(102)]]
41 ==== Nanoelectronics Simulation Tools ====
43 * [[Resource(fettoy)]]
44 * [[Resource(nanomos)]]
45 * [[Resource(schred)]]
46 * [[Resource(bandstrlab)]]
47 * [[Resource(pntoy)]]
48 * [[Resource(devrel)]]
49 * [/tools/?tag=nanoelectronics Other simulation tools ›]
51 Those with comments or questions or who are interested in participating in this initiative should contact Mark Lundstrom.
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'''''Supported by Intel Foundation and the NSF-funded Network for Computational Nanotechnology'''''
'''''Supported by the Intel Foundation and the NSF-funded Network for Computational Nanotechnology'''''