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Sub-pages for the wiki within a group

In support ticket #12563, Nick Vargo writes:

I am working on putting together a group wiki on the topics page for the Lundstrom (“topics/LundstromGroup“) research group. As part of it, I want to put in sub pages that branch out from the group’s main page but do not show up on the All Available Pages list, because they are not pertinent to list there. Such as giving each member of the group their own sub section about themselves.

I have found a way to do it by writing in the main link “topics/LundstromGroup/newstudentpage”, but I was wondering if it might be a better idea to have a topic-specific list on the main page, instead of listing “All Available Pages”. I realize it is in beta, but it might be something to try out in the future, because if it starts listing every page that is created under some other sub page, everything will fill up very quickly.

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