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Sebastian Steiger

Document 'invoke', '/data/sessions' and everything that happens between workspace and /apps/...

By far the most annoying part is the time between having a working version on workspace and having the version installed in /apps/xyz and published. There are undocumented things going on behind the scenes that are impossible to figure out as an apps developer but are important. I’m especially talking about the different directories.

1dhetero is now the 3rd tool where I have gone through the publication process, after angel and qdot. Every tool has cost me 2-3 days of intense interaction with Steve Clark and a lot of nerves and frustation. Having 5 years of experience in Linux and C++, I do not consider myself completely unskilled in these things.

You absolutely need to provide documentation on: – what invoke is and how it works – what the role of /data/sessions is

Rappture is nice, but it’s not the end of the story when putting something up on nanohub and you should not make people believe it is.

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