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Philathia Rufaro Bolton

Fix running "descriptive" header on tool pages

The brief description (beneath the author’s name and university) for tool pages duplicates what is provided in the abstract, and in some cases, “falls off” with an ellipsis (See MOSCap First-Time User Guide page for an example). Margarita pointed this out, and I am putting in a “wish” for it. Could you include the first line of the abstract only and consistently for each page? It would look much cleaner than what is now provided. Thanks!

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  1. Shawn Rice

    It is up to the developers to put in a one-line “At a glance” description (a required field) and a longer abstract. Many times, the “at a glance” is simply a line copied and pasted from the abstract. In other cases, where the “at a glance” doesn’t exist, the code attempts to grab the first 250 (give or take) characters from the abstract.

    Grabbing the first sentence isn’t quite the easy take one would think it is. For example: Assuming standard english grammar and that sentences end in periods, say we grab everything up to the first period. Well, if we have a sentence like the following:

    “This tool does stuff, things, etc. and will help you tremendously.”

    … the result will be “This tool does stuff, things, etc.” due to the period after the abbreviation.

    For non-tools, the short text after the author list isn’t displayed. This is the case for the “MOSCap First-Time User Guide page” (possibly changed since the time of the wish post as I don’t see any ellipsis).

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