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Michael McLennan

Improve site response

We should continue to monitor and improve the web site response and underlying middleware, so the site is snappier.

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    this is a continual improvment issue. I have not seen major slow-downs lately. That does not mean we can let our guards down.

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  2. George A. Howlett

    Page load time is only unimportant when you’re not competing for the user’s attention. As with shopping sites, page load time affects the user’s experience. We can’t expect all users to be patient.

    Having said that, we need to highlight culprits. Is there a way to log page load times? This would be the first step to move to more concrete characterizations of page loads.


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  3. Shawn Rice

    Some work that has been done on this topic: – Reworked how a list of results in the resources tag browser checks for NCN supported status. Previously, it would perform a tag usage check on each resource in the list. This could mean a variable number of queries being performed-potentially hundreds. Changed this to pull an array of all resources associated with that tag (once) and then checks each resource against the array. This reduced the number of queries from a variable (potentially hundreds, as stated) to one. – Reworked Latest Events module. Managed to eliminate 2 unnecessary queries. Since the nanoHUB front page has multiple instances of this module, it shaved 4 queries off the front page. – Reduced the overall number of images and CSS being used by the template. In one particular case, three separate images were being loaded that could be handled by one. – Reworking all modules, plugins, and components to load code and perform tasks (such as database queries) only when needed. – Continuing work on reworking queries to be more efficient and/or eliminate unnecessary queries.

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  4. Shawn Rice

    Tweaked the tag browser for resources > tools and managed to speed the query up from a couple seconds to half a second or less.

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  5. Michael McLennan

    Nick has also made some changes to keep the session tables cleaned out. That keeps the database from getting bogged down.

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