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Michael McLennan

Easier registration process

We should simplify our registration form so that people can register with just an email address (or perhaps a cell phone?) to confirm their contact information. Once they’ve registered, we should encourage them to fill out their full profile, perhaps by rewarding them with nanos.

For: attract/engage users

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    this may be a good experiment, however it must be tightly integrated into the polling after X simulations have been run. Also there needs to be a strategy of resource committment. All high intensity simulations must be guarded closely, because of resource allocation.

    How do we mark easy access tools versus full registration tools?

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  2. Michael McLennan

    Swaroop will pull the numbers for us… How many people hit the sign-up page, and how many actually registered? I.e., how many people are we actually losing?

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  3. George B. Adams III

    Diane Beaudoin must drive the re-design because of the critical importance of this form and the data is provides to our assessment effort.

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  4. Joseph M. Cychosz

    problem of bribing with nanos is at this level of user, do nanos have any meaning? Yeah I can get a few nanos but its not enough to do anything with.

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