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Michael McLennan

Pages for different entry points

We have a lot of K-12 content on, but you can’t find it easily. We should have some entry points on the front page for various education levels, which take you to topic pages or tag pages or something like that, showing content for K-12, for educators, etc. These pages might include usage scenarios, success stories, video walk-throughs, etc.

For: attract/engage new users

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    this goes along with the promotion of the topics pages. This needs a lot of editorial work by a communication specialist.

    However these topics pages need to look like a real resource with stats etc

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  2. Cristina Leal Gonzalez

    I agree that the K-12 content should be more easily accessible, especially considering that we want nanoHUB to be more visible in Google searches. Educators and students certainly need to be able to find content quickly and painlessly.

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  3. Joseph M. Cychosz

    Need a K12 topics page.

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  4. Anonymous

    I think a good search engine would hit most of these items if properly tagged.

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    1. Joseph M. Cychosz

      There is a K12 tag. And many items are properly tagged. See:

      The problem with K12 tagging is it really needs to be stratified more. K12 for middle school has different needs than K12 for high school, etc. Also some of the K12 content is targeted to educators on teaching methods for various levels. This is where a topic page create the needed value.

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  5. George B. Adams III

    The front page needs to do a much better job of revealing what has to offer. This is one important aspect of that.

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