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Michael McLennan

Rebrand topic pages and give them more play

Rebrand topic pages as “articles” so people understand what they are, and feature them on the front page. These pages should also show up higher in internal search. Support ratings and stats on these pages, so they’re treated like other resources.

For: new content, site navigation

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  1. Lynn Zentner

    There is a large discontinuity in the fact that many topic pages function essentially as resources but do not show up grouped with the other resources. Users navigating through menus may not even be aware that topic pages exist if they are used to accessing resources through the resource menu.

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  2. Greg Lush

    Might have a threshold for having a topic page reach level to be moved to resource, such as when certain number of contributors is reached or when a certain number of views attained, suggesting it is a topic page of certain level of interest to the community.

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