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Michael McLennan

Editor’s picks, like "lenses" on cnx.org

We should fix the topic pages so that it’s much easier to find existing resources and link to them within articles. We might make it easier to include external links too, using a web form control rather than wiki syntax. We should have certain respected users (e.g., editors or trusted users) whose topic pages get higher visibility. Perhaps their favorites list could get higher visibility too. There’s an overlap here between favorites lists and topic pages, but somehow, users want to see what Supriyo Datta likes and brief comments about why he likes it.

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  1. Mark Lundstrom

    Should help users find our best content, a possible way to engage other centers – one that should be explored, and also encourages community engagement with three levels:

    1) NCN endorsed 2) Allfiiated Centers and Programs 3) Contributed

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  2. George B. Adams III

    This wish seems to have two different components; 1) Much easier to find resources. This is more than a problem with Topics Pages; this is systemic to nanoHUB. 2) Respected User “lenses” should be available. This seems doable with the existing infrastructure and needs “only” the particular users to write these pages. A pale imitation of this could be generated automatically by taking those users’ personal usage data to generate a “favorites” list.

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  3. Greg Lush

    I would just add that these can be made by having our Liberal Arts assistants if we still have them or perhaps a grad student or staff member interview faculty or other resource producers or interview serious users about what they like or have used a lot. It is easier sometimes for us to talk for ten minutes of a recorded conversation/interview about what nanohub does for us. That kind of lens would be from a personal perspective.

    Another lens, perhaps more useful for newer users, would be a lens that walks someone through a series of learning objectives leading to an ultimate goal. Kind of like doing a Plan of Study for a MS degree where we list courses, etc.

    The ultimate goal could be produce a peer-reviewable research paper or produce a MS thesis, then the user should, 1. take Alam’s EE 606 course, then Datta’s course, then do some simulations using a tool in their area of interest, and on and on. The lens could be a step by step guide to using nanohub to earn a MS, as an example.

    There can be less lofty goals of course.

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