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Michael McLennan

Survey after usage of supported tools

We should have more options to let users take quick surveys after using a tool or viewing a resource. They can cancel of course, but they might earn nanos for taking a short survey.

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    We had discussed many times over the past years. For impact statements we need to implement something that is unintrusive, but gives us important existence justification to NSF.

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  2. Suely M. Black

    A multiple choice question will not take too much time, and if the user is happy with the experience, chances are he/she will provide the requested feedback.

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  3. Joseph M. Cychosz

    I liked Intel’s one time solution. THey had an icon at the bottom of the page that you could click on to leave feedback. And to alert you to the icon, a screen popup (not a popup window) would appear to let you know about this icon. With a simple click you can dispatch the screen popup.

    I tried to trigger this tonight on the intel site but was unable to. THey may have changed their mechanism to something else.

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  4. George B. Adams III

    Involve Diane Beaudoin in the design.

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  5. Diane Beaudoin

    I think this should go beyond just the supported tools. We should do something with our educational materials in particular.

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