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Michael McLennan

Short "how to" videos about using nanoHUB.org

We should create a series of 2-3 minute Screenflow-style videos showing nanoHUB.org in action. We should feature those videos in the support area, and also put them out on YouTube and iTunesU.

For: external visibility, new users

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  1. Margaret Shepard Morris

    There was certainly some enthusiasm for this idea in the User’s Forum at EFBU…

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  2. Alexander S McLeod

    This is an excellent way to improve the nanoHUB’s visibility. A short video would be an excellent tool for advertising the HUB. It’s one thing to recommend to your colleague that they try out the HUB, but pointing them a video’s Youtube URL can show what the HUB is all about before they even have to consider making an account.

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  3. Joshua Morris

    Site administrators, please contribute to the implementation plan, as detailed therein.

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