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Wish List - Wish #116


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Joseph M. Cychosz

Allow members to have their own wiki tab.

Add a wiki tab to the member profile to allow users to create their own user specific article. Allow the wiki tab to be public/private/group affiliated.

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  1. Joseph M. Cychosz

    Allow multiple wiki tabs.

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  2. Michael McLennan

    I think it should be more of a “blog” format, so users can continue to write a series of short articles. This overlaps with an existing NCN Roadmap wish ( and we should think about combining the ideas.

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  3. Sebastian Steiger

    How would the Wiki / Blog content be differentiated from a Resource content?

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  4. George B. Adams III

    Blog format seems like a value for our registered users. There should be the same usage data kept for blogs as any other resource so that bloggers and their readers can see the size of the audience.

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  5. Greg Lush

    The Blog tool and format could be a kind of laboratory notebook. I as faculty mentor always want my students to learn to keep a laboratory notebook because it is needed for intellectual property documentation/disputes. Also, they may be required to do so in industry. If I as faculty member had access, it can be a tool for the mentoring and pursuit of research activity.

    Would really require the ability to have multiple blogs though

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