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Margaret Shepard Morris

I wish for longer sessions (and an end to seemingly arbitrary timeouts)

I just finished an extensive response to one of the Wish List items on the “roadmap” only to push “POST” and have to re-log in. Of course the time and effort spent on that particular moment of feedback are lost and will have to be recreated now.

Can editors of the site be allowed to remain logged in without compromising site security??

That would be so fabulous!

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  1. Joseph M. Cychosz

    I’m not sure how Margaret got “logged out” if when she logged in she selected “remember me”.. However, the backend has way too short of a time out. Should alteast be 1 hour.

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  2. Derrick Kearney

    i often run into this problem when working on hubs. i am typing something up, usually a message to a user or some kinda doc, and when i click submit, i loose everything and have to log in again. i usually don’t want to rewrite what i just spent a bunch of time writing once.

    does the remember me function allow me to keep the text i’ve been writing and present it to me when i relogin?

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  3. George A. Howlett

    We have discussed this before and concluded that the timeout could be raised to a couple of hours. Has this changed?

    Note: This wish is the also on hubzero.org by Dave Braun.


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  4. Alissa Nedossekina

    I’ve changed (yet again) the session time in Joomla configuration from 15 minutes (which felt more like 3-5) to 120 minutes. Last time I made the change it was overridden by some unknown process. We should be good for now, until/unless this process kicks off again.

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