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Margaret Shepard Morris

Rethink/revamp Featured Questions on home page

Featuring unanswered questions on the home page may be a sincere attempt at transparency, also intended to build the nanoHUB economy; however, featuring questions that are not answered (especially after a good lapse of time is posted) merely raises a concern whether nanoHUB & its community _really_ answers questions that are submitted by users… AND whether that economy of points-for-answers is at all robust.

If there is a great question, and it is sufficiently answered by someone, by all means feature those questions on the home page for everyone’s benefit, and then create some mechanism for displaying unanswered questions in a centralized space, perhaps?? The home page could then advertise this alternate space to users who DO utilize the nanopoints system and they could go to such a space, scan the list of unanswered questions, and zing off a few answers to earn a few points…

In my view, unanswered questions (especially old ones) serve to question the veracity of the nanoHUB economy, especially with new users who don’t understand the system yet.

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  1. Margaret Shepard Morris

    Here’s the Oct. 27th, today’s, FEATURED QUESTION for example (asked, but we don’t know if ever answered):

    matlab version I am running nanomos 2.5 and I am getting different results when using matlab version 6.5 or 7.0 then when using the online version or running matlab 6.1. Is this a known issue? Currents are different by an order of magnitude. Thanks!

    Asked by Kerryann Foley – 11 months ago – 1 Response


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    Answers (1) 21 Nov, 2008
    11:49 PM Yang Liu said:


    Please specify what kind of device you simulated when you got different results. Please specify each input parameter on the nanohub and biases. We will get back to you once you provide these.

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  2. Michael McLennan

    Maybe instead of pulling questions completely at random, we could tend to favor questions with no answers that have been open for less than a month. That way, the questions that need answering (but aren’t yet embarrassing) get more play.

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  3. Margaret Shepard Morris

    ~good thoughts, Michael. At least this plan would give current questions more exposure and hopefully lead to more answered questions! Staying current (with these and news items, etc.) all point to a vibrant, growing project! M

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  4. Gerhard Klimeck

    the concerns are very reasonable and I think Mark and I had discussions along the same lines. We should not show old, long open questions on the front page. It is like showing bad content. Fresh new questions in particular would be good to feature!

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  5. George B. Adams III

    One chance to make a first impression — this wish is a part of a blank-sheet redesign need for our home page.

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