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Baudilio Tejerina

Notify users of new material of their interest available on the nanohub.

When a new tool, seminar, tutorial, event, etc., is posted or an existing one id updated, send a message to those users whose tags match those of the tool, seminar,…

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  1. Joseph M. Cychosz

    I would like notification when specific contributors post new content. e.g., when Klimeck posts a new presentation, or tool, etc.

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  2. Michael McLennan

    We put this on the official “NCN Roadmap,” and unfortunately, there’s a duplicate wish for that (https://nanohub.org/wishlist/general/1/wish/104). The duplicate has points and a few more community votes. Maybe we should close this wish and track the idea with the other one. Great idea, though, Baudilio!

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