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Gerhard Klimeck

file macro in wiki pages needs documentation and appropriate highlighting

Can you please edit the text that shows up when editing topics pages and group wiki pages to include a reference to the “(file:somefile.pdf not found)“ macro. That macro is NOT in the documentation, but I think it should be listed at the same level as the example on the right of the edit screen.

1) Just add under the image macro description a text that also refers to the file macro To include an image, use the image macro. For example: “The following diagram illustrates my point: (Image(diagram.jpg) failed - File not found)“ To include a file, use the file macro. For example: “This document includes how I plan to save the world (file:savetheworld.pdf not found)“

2) Please make sure that the link to image macro actually goes to the item on the wiki page that describes the macro, not just the list of all macros.

3) Please add a line or two on the “File” macro so it is actually documented.

4) If this is a correct statement then, please make it explicit in the documentation. “the uploaded file is not part of a general nanoHUB resource that is indexed etc. It is a document that is “private” to the wiki page that uses it. Access to the “private” document depends on the setting of the privacy of the whole wiki page.

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  1. Joseph M. Cychosz

    I agree, I did not find the file macro when I wanted to add a PDF file to one of my topic pages. I think the Resource macro is also an important macro to highlight as well as we want to encourage our topic page writers to embed links to nanohub content.

    As a user it never occured to me that these things were “macros”. I see them as functions or capabilities.

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  2. Shawn Rice

    The file macro *is* documented. There is also a toolbar for quick wiki shortcuts above the edit box. The file macro has a button all its own.

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    1. Gerhard Klimeck

      Yes, there is now a button amongst many buttons. That is new as far as I can tell and that is good.

      Still the ability to link to a downloadable file would be something very often used by many and playing that capability up would be good. How about modifying the text on the right to:

      The (Image(upload1.jpg) failed - File not found) and (file:upload2.pdf not found) commands allow embedding.

      This is 7 words compared to the existing 17 words and it gives a very explicit example on two commands people look for. The commands can then also be linked to the wiki help pages.

      This does not take more space and is very explicit to potential users. And indeed I had received emails from people asking me about the FIle macro.

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