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Linux support for content

While Java based content(simulations) works fine using the Sun Java Plugin, Flash is a known issue with websites and the *NIX family of operating systems. I’d suggest providing an alternative link to download-able videos and alternately encoded versions of the Macromedia breeze presentations.

Issues aside, I love how useful this site is. Great job! :)

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  1. Joseph M. Cychosz

    Linux should be able to play mp4 versions of lectures.

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  2. George B. Adams III

    We will be moving beyond Breeze out of necessity. Watching and keeping up with the evolving web (e.g., HTML5) is something we must do. I imaging that this year we will need to start a conversion of nanoHUB video resources to mp4 and other standards that have hardware support for decoding, rather than software-implemented decoding so that nanoHUB plays well with power-limited portable devices.

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  3. Joseph M. Cychosz

    Almost all nanoHUB video resources are mp4 based. There is a few legacy items (less than 20) which are streaming from the old e-enterprise days. All NCN@purdue produced content is produced with an mp4 version format as well as Breeze. All NCN@illinois content is mostly mp4 only. There is user contributed content which is Breeze only.

    I agree with moving on from Breeze. The key features from breeze are; table of contents; and a scalable slide with out resolution penalty (some implementations use jpeg images of the slides which means pixelation). The future system needs to work with PPTs, working with PDFs would also be desirable.

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