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Gerhard Klimeck

group mechanism applicable to broader usage

We are now seeing teachers forming groups on nanoHUB. They let students into the group and they want to share resources with them.

One teacher said that she wanted to share a tool session with everyone in the group. Well, that means now typing all the nanoHUB logins into the share filed. Or have that list ready for copy/paste.

We have similar issues when we want to schedule conference calls through breeze.

I think we should consider the benefits and possibilities and workload involved with expanding what we can do with groups:

What if by default when someone creates a group, called “ECE305_Purdue”, that we automatically maintain an alias to “alias_ECE305_Purdue” or “group_ECE305_Purdue” to enable things like: 1) sharing a session 2) notifying members of events 3) inviting members to online meetings X) else?….

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