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Joseph M. Cychosz

Search function for Wish List (formely Features Listing)

Add string search function to search listed titles.

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    I am not sure if I understand the request. Does that mean we should have a page of historically shown featured items, so someone could go back and say “I saw something yesterday as a featured item, let me go to all of them or search for them”?

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    1. Joseph M. Cychosz

      The title is poorly worded, a carryover from when wishes were called feature requests. So I am referring to the wish list and not the featured content list.

      The problem is being able to find a specific wish entry. Currently the only search mechanism is by tag, so if you remember that the wish is say NCN Reporting, then you can narrow down the list some before sequentially searching.

      The problem of finding a specific wish has been somewhat accommodated by correspondence emails now having a URL link inthe body of the message (a granted wish) to take you to the wish for further correspond. Prior to this, it was very difficult to find the wish to respond to since you would have to sequentially page through the list looking for the ticket.

      For example, show me all the wishes that might be related to “search” or find the wish that has to do with “nanomos”.

      Screen Shot

      Screen_shot_2010-06-29_at_11.54.14_PM.pngFile not found

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  2. Sebastian Steiger

    I agree – maybe the existing search engine can be extended to search the body of the wishes and not only the tags?

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  3. Steven Snyder

    I agree that the wishlists search should be expanded in this manner, but I wanted to note this alternative: the site search considers wish titles and bodies, though not subsequent comments.


    for example, seems to bring up the relevant submissions.

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  4. Geoffrey Coram

    I see a search box at the top of the list of Wishlist items, but when I type something into that box, it doesn’t seem to filter the results at all.

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