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Wish List - Wish #181


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Joseph M. Cychosz

Allow admin tags to be seen by PIs (i.e, VIPs)

Allow admin tags to be seen by those with VIP status. THis is needed for the PIs from various schools to make sure they are getting listing credit.

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  1. Michael McLennan

    Nick says to get rid of VIP status and instead have a group to control the list of VIPs.

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    1. Joseph M. Cychosz

      How does this solve the viewing of admin tags?

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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    This functionality is crucial to enable site leads from other universities to manage / observe their sites contributions. The mechanism needs to be there. If through a group mechanism or a tag. Swaroop is using some tags to count these contributions

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  3. George B. Adams III

    Getting report data from is crucial to engaging, and thus building, our community and crucial to finding and reporting to NSF the stories that show the value of Finally, report data is what let’s us find out many of the ways in which we can make nanoUB better.

    This wish is part of the bigger wish to have usage reporting on HUBs be a WOW feature every bit as WOW as the start-to-finish interactive simulation within a browser.

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