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Gerhard Klimeck

NCN supported tools need to be visible in "myHUB"

Chris Bowen, a member of our external advisory board is familiar with the nanoHUB and uses tools. He inters through the myhub page to select the tools he runs. I presented to the group the concept of supported tools and this was the first time he notice the concept. He wants to see the supported tools as he sees that as quality stamp of approval and a way to narrow down the tool list.

I would suggest 3 things: 1) in the list of “My Tools” – add another Tab of “Supported” in addition to Recent, Favorite, All the list of “supported” tools should be the subset of “All Tools” but should also allow the setting of favorite tools

2) each of the supported tools that are listed in recent, Favorita, All should have the gold star next to it 3) The my sessions module should also show the supported tool icon – maybe instead of the little square image if a tool is supported.

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  1. Shawn Rice

    Pertaining to your recommendations:

    1) The inclusion of an extra tab would take up too much space.

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