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Wish List - Wish #191


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Gerhard Klimeck

favorite tools and favorite lectures should be coordinated

We have 2 forms of favorite tools and favorite content items. Right now they are separate. I think there should be joint tag where a user can declare a tool as favorite and it should show up in the ‘Favorite” list in “My Tools” as well as the favorite list in the favorite module.

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  1. George B. Adams III

    Treating tools differently seems consistent with nanoHUB use. I do not see a value to the users with blurring the line. I’m open to a counterargument.

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    1. Gerhard Klimeck

      It is plain usability – people do not even know about the ability to select favorite tools. Also why not declare a favorite tool right in the tool synopsis – why do we have to go to myhub and then into a subpanel and then scroll down and find the tool to set it as a favorite?

      I bet if we did a survey on how many people actually have set a “favorite” tool, we find that there will be few.

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      1. Shawn Rice

        There are roughly 520 users that have set favorite tools.

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      2. Greg Lush

        As we have the Recents tab, we don’t need favorites as much.

        But I would like to have the button to click to add to Favorites next to the Resource to save clicks later and also to serve as memory. In amazon I have my wish list that I can use to think about a book I might want to buy later. If I see soemthing I want to watch or read or try but don’t have time, I can add to Favorites and come back to it even months later. That is likely how I would use it.

        What would happen if a Favorite were removed later; would I have a dead link in my list? Perhaps it should stay as a reminder.

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  2. Joseph M. Cychosz

    I see “favorites” list that appears under my members page as a seperate list from my tools. My tools is an operational list, favorites is a published list of favorites.

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