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Joseph M. Cychosz

Add General Copyright notices for content

THis is in response to coursehere, etc.

1. need to craft a “general performance” license for items not covered under one of the creative commons license.

2. Remind user at submission checkout about placement of any needed copyright message on materials such as PDF notes and possibility of displaying copyright notice in credits area.

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  1. Joseph M. Cychosz

    General Performance license notice. A few notes on what the scope of the license should be.

    1. The license should be as easy to read as the creative commons license.

    2. License should say that by downloading or executing these materials from the nanoHUB you DO have permission to display or perform said materials for a private or non-commercial public (such as a class room) use.

    3. You DO NOT have permission to redistribute these materials in any manner.

    4. You DO NOT have permission to upload to or place these materials on any other website.

    5. You DO have permission to place a link to these materials provided that you make note that they materials are on nanoHUB.org and that you use the original nanoHUB.org URL.

    The proposed symbol for this license is a circle with a GP incribed.

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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    ownership of nanoHUB simulation results has been an issue in various formats: 1) wikipedia asks us who owns the data and the figures. 2) I get continually asked at conferences about this.

    I disagree with the comment below that people CANNOT post the graphs etc on their own web pages. I would argue that we should ENCOURAGE that and embed in the image a “proof” that it came from nanoHUB. A watermark we can later find with google!

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    1. George B. Adams III

      I think this misunderstands Joe’s point. He is focused on the “and more” content which is “performed” i.e., watched. Simulation programs are “used” and the results should belong to the user because they exist only by the act of the user in running the simulation. For the nanoHUB content that is “performed” I think Joe’s comment is on target. He is addressing those who would upload “and more” content to CourseHero. He is addressing the idea that a for-profit school would get its lecture material from nanoHUB.

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    2. Joseph M. Cychosz

      I see the scope of this being contributed content. Right now we Creative Commons (derivative, no-derivative). We do not have a license statement for content not covered by creative commons. This license would allow one to perform it (i.e., play the presentation), read it (documents, etc.). You can’t redistribute, or incorporate into another work. Fair-use would still apply.

      One clarifying comment on “non-commercial”; I think the metric is whether the usage is commercial, not the setting. So viewing a presentation, or passing a document around at the work place does not constitute commercial use even though it is in a commercial setting.

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