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Gerhard Klimeck

assigning nanos to citations

nanoHUB citations in the scientific literature are a very important metric for us. They are a feedback and acknowledgement of nanoHUB’s impact. I think we should associate a value to a single citation. We should again assign additional value to the citation every time it gets an additional secondary citation. This way we value highly cited work.

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  1. Sebastian Steiger

    A value like the amount of citations?

    Seems like this is more nanohub-internal so it could be sitting in the back…

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  2. George B. Adams III

    That which encourages people to cite nanoHUB resources and/or to report to us such instances is valuable to nanoHUB. It would be nice to encourage this valuable effort by being able to cheaply, automatically (almost, need to review reported citations by our team to prevent errors/spam).

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  3. Michael McLennan

    We talked about this in the web meeting today. The consensus was that if we pay people nanos to cite nanoHUB (when they’re writing papers), it seems unethical. But if we award nanos for people who enter existing citations onto the site, that would be okay.

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