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Michael McLennan

"ideas" module that feeds wish list from various pages

It would be great to have a “submit your ideas” module that could sit on various pages, feeding content to the wish list for the overall site but tagging it appropriately. For example, I’d like a module on the side of the /tour page (with videos) asking “Do you have ideas for videos you’d like to see on this page? Submit them here.” The ideas would be added to the main wishlist with a tag “how-to videos”, in that case. We might use a similar module on tool execution pages, resource pages, etc.

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  1. Gerhard Klimeck

    we need to get serious about getting more feedback from users and encourage it – this might be a great way to try that.

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  2. George B. Adams III

    Let’s implement this in a general way that would work with any resource and then roll it out incrementally. We can see what response we get and how well we can keep up with addressing the flow of ideas by starting small and turning on the feature for more resources as we gain experience.

    Let’s do this soon, so we can talk about it in this year’s report.

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  3. Sebastian Steiger

    Does this have to be automated? If I have a suggestion, I can always submit a wish or a ticket and tag it appropriately, no? I’m already a little bit lost in the jungle of automated processes…

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  4. Greg Lush

    There’s a Help! link at the top right of every page. Put something there “Comment on this Page”

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