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Michael McLennan

Fix contribtool language to clarify steps

We keep bumping into developers that are a little confused about when to click the links in contribtool. We have links like “My code has been uploaded”, and they think they should click on this after every subversion commit. Can we tweak the language in contribtool just a little? See the implementation plan for details.

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  1. Alissa Nedossekina

    The language changes have been made on nanohub and should be checked in into hubzero soon. Adding a new state is not an easy task though and should be well thought through (perhaps in “com_projects”).

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  2. Gerhard Klimeck

    There are a few items that need to be introduced formally in the contribution process. 1) there needs to be an explicit contribution process for documentation of the testing and validation process. Maybe these could be nanoHUB contributions or they can be associated/embedded documents 2) each tool revision should be noted to the user with some native english descriptions. See for example pcpbt or rtdnegf tools. We need to get developers to the point that they document what they have done in tool revisions.

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  3. George B. Adams III

    contribtool is the process for publishing. There is a loophole that allowed the NanoNet tool to acquire an improper version history.

    Specifically, the current version is 1.3 but it has an almost entirely disjoint co-author set from version 1.2.1. This is wrong. If their is a co-author change, I think we must: (1) force a major version number (in the case of NanoNet the current version should be 2.0) (2) notify all the previous version co-authors of this event and if they disapprove then that should delay publication of the new version until resolved.

    NanoNet as it stands now is doing an injustice to the original co-authors who no longer appear.

    Also, there should be a version history available for all resources with the typical description of what is new with each version, as you see for every shareware/donationware package.

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