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Alissa Nedossekina

Projects component to enhance and replace contribtool & com_contribute

Purpose: manage contribution, development workflow and versioning/archiving for various types of projects: a) tools; b) other hub resources, i.e. downloads, courses etc.; c) source code & libraries; d) data.

The idea is to blend and extend functionality of current Contribtool and Contribute components so that every content contribution and application development project share the same publication/versioning process as well as tools for content editing, access controls, archiving and usage monitoring.

Another important objective is to improve the current resource contribution process by guiding users through a series of questions to determine their specific project needs, rather than asking them to choose a contribution type up front. Depending on their choices during the simple 1-2-3 step project setup process, the component will determine the type of the resource to be created and any specific tools that need to be provisioned.

Problems com_projects addresses: – Need for subversion for non-tool resources expressed by a number of hubs – Need for version control and associated DOIs for each publication of any type – Integrate process for accepting editorial changes – Simplify resource contribution process, make it more intuitive – More management options for resource authors: ability to add and manage screenshots, describe credit information for each author, append/edit release notes for each version, etc.

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  1. Alissa Nedossekina

    Here is the first draft of user interface mock-ups for com_projects.

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    1. Gerhard Klimeck

      This is very nice! A few comments: 1) on the picking of the “right name” we should have some tips for the users. We use tool names in google scholar to find references. Having a unique name is useful for tracking citations in the literature and for name recognition. 2) there should be a more detailed approach to giving credits to authors for their contributions (GUI design, core engine etc.) 3) there needs to be a step on the provision of validation of the software. There may be documents associatied with that and we want to have developers provide such documentation . There is a wish out there to include selective elements of the tool “doc” directory I like that suggestion 4) we need to have plain english descriptor of the various stages of code revision. We want to show to users in plain english the list of added features as we update and improve tools. Please see rtdnegf or pcpbt as examples.

      related wishes are



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  2. Michael McLennan

    Another interesting addition… Right now, contribtool always checks out svn trunk (hard-coded in the install script). It would be nice if the tool contribution process could prompt the user for a svn tag/branch (“trunk” could be the default), and this parameter would get passed through to the install script.

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  3. George B. Adams III

    There are several other comments on wishes with remarks pertinent to contribtool. Can you search all the comments to find these?

    >< Comments on com_projects.pdf: >

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